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Dr. Richard Owen Geer

Dr. Richard Owen Geer received his doctoral degree in performance studies from Northwestern University. He is an esteemed director and scholar in community performance and the co-founder of Community Performance, International (CPI). Dr. Geer developed Community Performance, a theater genre that celebrates ordinary people and their communities. His Story Bridge Method uses theater as a catalyst for peace building and community change. Dr. Geer founded more than 40 Community Performance projects worldwide, one of which is Swamp Gravy, the official Georgia Folklife Play and a participant in the Cultural Olympiad of the Atlanta Olympics. Dr. Geer co-hosts the annual Building Creative Community Conference. His recent keynote at the Brushy Fork Institute presented his vision for the arts-transformation of challenged communities. With Qinghong Wei he regularly directs here and in China. His publications include Story Bridge: From Alienation to Community Action. Website: http://www.communityperformanceinternational.org/about-us/our-team?view=employee&id=1